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When we launched EngineRm, we thought we were all about rowing.  It turns out, we are about powering your best life, whatever that includes...rowing, hiking, cycling, skiing, running, swimming...ultimately, leading a mindful, active lifestyle.

Whether you are beginning your fitness journey, or at the pinnacle of your athletic performance, indoor rowing is for you. Indoor rowing is a full body strength, aerobic, low joint impact workout. Experience New York City's only indoor rowing club owned an operated by on-water rowers. Our workouts emulate rowing on the water and are devised from decades of on-water and indoor rowing experience. We do not blast music or dim the lights. We row in unison, as one group, guided by the coach/coxswain. 

Yes, we are sticklers for technique, so you get the best workout and prevent injury. When you row at EngineRm, you work harder, get better results and always look forward to coming back.


1 Class $32 

10 Classes $269

First Month New Members Unlimited $99

Monthly Unlimited $199

* Cancellation, Expiration, Refund Policies



101 Learn-To-Row (Beginner)
In this 30 minute beginner class, an EngineRm coach teaches you proper technique and rowing commands in a welcoming, non-intimidating environment. Learning correct form prevents injury and maximizes fitness results. After completing this, you are ready to join an EngineRm class.   

EngineRm Rowing emulates the experience of training and racing as part of an on-water team. EngineRm coaches work with you to refine your indoor rowing technique to maximize fitness results and performance. We are sticklers for technique, so if you have not rowed on the water, you must take the EngineRm 101 Beginner class prior to taking an EngineRm class. No exceptions.  


Endurance (Advanced)
1 hour class (vs. 45 min EngineRm) for experienced EngineRm rowers and on-water rowers. This class is a favorite for endurance athletes. The Endurance class is that long run in the park without pounding your joints.  

Test Your Mettle (Advanced)
This class is for on-water rowers and experienced EngineRm indoor rowers that want to 'test their mettle' - do you have the heart to follow through when the going gets tough? Track your performance with distance pieces (e.g. 2000m, 6000m), compete in team and individual races and get on the EngineRm Leader Board. 'Drop-ins' welcome. $25 at the door.  

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