Adult Rowing

When we launched EngineRm, we thought we were all about rowing.  It turns out, we are about powering your best life.

Whether you are beginning your fitness journey, connecting to the sport of rowing, or cross-training for your true passion, come experience New York City's only indoor rowing club owned an operated by on-water rowers. Our workouts emulate rowing on the water and are devised from decades of on-water and indoor rowing experience. We do no blast music or dim the lights. We row in unison, guided by the coach/coxswain to power your best life...whatever that includes...rowing, hiking, cycling, skiing, running, swimming...ultimately, feeling great.

Our 101 Beginner Class teaches people how to use a rowing machine in a welcoming, non-intimidating environment. 

Yes, we are sticklers for technique, so you get the best workout and prevent injury. When you row at EngineRm, you work harder, get better results and always look forward to coming back.

Beginner Class
Beginner Class $25.00
+ Quick View
One EngineRm Class
One EngineRm Class $32.00
+ Quick View
EngineRm Membership
EngineRm Membership from $99.00 $320.00
+ Quick View
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