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The Ives family has heralded generations of competitive rowers, including a grandfather, Kenneth, who was a member of the Yale team representing the USA at the 1924 Olympics, and a brother, Ed, who rowed in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics.  EngineRm brings the sport of rowing to non-rowers by recreating the regatta experience.  Rowing at Henley, The Head of Charles, The Boat Race and other monumental races makes a 45 minute low impact, true full body, high calorie burning cardio workout fly by.  Come for the experience.


Coaches' Corner

What I Miss About Collegiate Rowing by Lizzy Youngling

September 17, 2017

For most collegiate rowers who “hang up their oars” after graduation comes freedom. With re-tirement, you can catch up on your sleep, have fun with your friends whenever you want, and never have to worry about that upcoming erg test. While most revel in this new found freedom, nostalgia begins to set in. Although there are many aspects of collegiate rowing that aren't the most glamorous, there are those small windows in time that make it all worth it. From traveling across the country, to the early wake-up calls, check out the things I’ll miss most about college rowing.1. My TeammatesTeammates are the bread and butter of college rowing. You’re with them everyday, 24/7 and at most meals. Even though...

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