Youth Programs

Indoor Rowing for Boys and Girls Aged 12-17

It is not easy for kids living in Manhattan to pursue the sport of rowing, as boathouses are not convenient to access - EngineRm is here to change that! Our 3-staged strategy to develop young rowers is proven to yield results:

  • Stage 1: Our Youth Development Program uses indoor rowing machines to build strength and endurance, and teach rowing technique and commands. 
  • Stage 2: With strength, endurance and rowing skills, time spent getting to and from the boathouse, and getting the boat in and out of water can be put to good use. EngineRm has a network of boathouses and coaches, and summer camps it recommends based on the athlete's development objectives.
  • Stage 3: Coach Chris Ives provides individual training plans and coaching to shave time off 2k scores, the SAT of college rowing. Coach Ives has helped junior rowers gain acceptance to top universities across the country (Columbia, Princeton, Yale, Penn, Harvard, Wisconsin, Virginia, USC, etc.).

Development Program
Development Program from $320.00
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Rowing Academy
Rowing Academy $320.00
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Winter Break 2k Clinic
Winter Break 2k Clinic $295.00
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2k Adult and Youth Performance Clinic
2k Adult and Youth Performance Clinic $150.00
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Personal 2k Training Plan & Coaching
Personal 2k Training Plan & Coaching $1,000.00
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Private Coaching Sessions
Private Coaching Sessions from $150.00
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School Rowing Club
School Rowing Club $3,600.00
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