The Core of Rowing ...“Brace your body against the power of your legs”

Core fitness is a key part of being ready for any physical activity, from simply standing up to training for your favorite sport. Abdominals are what most often comes to mind when people think of ‘the core,” but in fact the core refers the muscles of the entire torso, which extend from the upper back and chest down through the hip and pelvis. In essence, it's everything but the limbs, although it does attach to the upper arms and shoulders as well as to the thigh muscles. The core is often referred to as the “the powerhouse,” as this is where power and stability originate from whenever we move. To a large degree, the stabilizing effect of a good core helps safeguard the spine and place it in a good position to safely transfer power from the legs and arms. In rowing, one often hears the coaches saying “brace your body against the power of your legs,” which directly speaks to need for the core to act as that transfer station of power from the legs right up through the body (the “core”) to the handle.

With this in mind, EngineRm is proud to announce its alliance with As One Fitness as we continue to grow our rowing program and classes. Our upcoming Youth Endurance Athlete Summer Camp will include circuit training sessions with As One’s trainers, with the express purpose of improving core fitness in our young rowers as they prepare for performing on the highest level.
Chris Ives
Chris Ives


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