Maintaining March Momentum


The CRASH-B’s in late February signal the winding down of winter training for most rowers. For many people who use the indoor rower, early March can be a kind of limbo period in which they are trying to keep their land training and fitness goals on track in preparation for getting back to their outdoor activities. This is where the Concept 2 Challenges in March, Mud Season Challenge  (Individual) and The World Erg Challenge (Team) come in. Here at EngineRm we will be encouraging our members to make sure their Online Logbook is set-up and they are ready to participate in both of these Challenges. The Mud Season Challenge has already begun, and is an individual challenge, so you can get started right away with logging those meters. On March 15 the World Erg Challenge will begin and we have created our EngineRm team, which you can join today so that you’re set to go when we start the Challenge.       

Chris Ives
Chris Ives


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